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Lexington, KY Personal Injury Attorney

James Vaught Law Office, PLLC is a Kentucky law firm that focuses on community safety and protecting the rights of injured people. Laws and safety rules are in effect today to prevent injuries. When a company or person violates our community's laws and safety rules and causes an injury, Attorney James Vaught is available to answer your questions, explain the process and assist you.

How Attorney James Vaught Can Help You

Attorney James Vaught of the Lexington, KY law firm can help, whether it is a:

  • Car wreck
  • Tractor-trailer crash
  • Or another type of injury-causing incident

James Vaught Law Office, PLLC, helps injured people by providing:

  • Legal representation
  • Answers to questions
  • Assistance with insurance claims
  • And help to gather evidence about the case

Every client is important. Telephone calls are returned. Case updates and information are provided to keep the client informed, and the client's choices are respected.

After an injury occurs, a person can be faced with:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost income
  • Telephone calls and questions from insurance companies
  • Requests to give a recorded statement and sign forms

These problems can seem overwhelming while you are attempting to heal. Often, the company or person who causes an injury will deny fault and will not accept responsibility.

Most Commonly Asked Questions

Get answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

Mr. Vaught is available to assist clients with the following:

  • Talc powder/ovarian cancer claims against Johnson & Johnson
  • PIP (Kentucky No-Fault) benefits claims for medical bills and lost income
  • Uninsured (UM) / Underinsured Motorist (UIM) insurance claims
  • Reading & understanding police reports after a car wreck
  • Identifying the insurance coverage that is available
  • Identifying the people or companies responsible for causing the injuries
  • Speaking with insurance companies and making insurance claims
  • Gathering medical records and medical bills
  • Help for injury cases from beginning to end

Contact Attorney James Vaught for help. He is available for a no-obligation consultation.

Pursuing Justice for the Injured

Lexington, KY personal injury lawyer James Vaught has represented injured people in many types of cases, from car and tractor-trailer crashes to defective medical devices, such as metal-on-metal hip implants.

Contact attorney James Vaught today to discuss your injury case. The following is a list of just some of the personal injury case types Mr. Vaught is willing and available to discuss with you.

Case Types:

Talc Powder Claims

Talc powder, like the one found in common baby powders, has now been linked to ovarian cancer in women consumers. If you or a loved one have fallen ill due to the use of talc powder, then you may have legal options to seek compensation.

There have been two, multi-million dollar jury verdicts against Johnson & Johnson related to use of products that contain talc, such as Baby Powder and Shower to Shower. Call James Vaught Law Office, PLLC to learn more.

Schedule a Convenient Consultation with Attorney James Vaught

Contact James Vaught Law Office, PLLC today to schedule an initial consultation at a time that is convenient for you. The initial consultation is a no-obligation meeting with Attorney James Vaught to discuss your situation.

Cost of Services: Contingent Fee Representation

Most injury cases are handled on a contingent fee representation basis, which means that no money is required to be paid, up-front, to get help for your injury case. In most injury cases, if there is no recovery, then you owe no attorney fee, and you are not responsible for any case expenses. The attorney fee and case expenses are contingent upon the recovery of money in your case.

The contingent fee arrangement makes it possible for an injured person to hire an attorney soon after an injury occurs, when the injured person needs legal help the most.

Get Started with a Free, Confidential, No-Obligation Consultation

If you or a loved one has been injured, contact James Vaught Law Office, PLLC as soon as possible. You can get started with a confidential case consultation that is free of charge.

To schedule your consultation with a Lexington, KY personal injury attorney, contact us today.