What to Do After an Injury

Take Steps to Protect Your Right to Compensation

Being injured in an accident or in a situation caused by another's negligence can be an extremely difficult experience. The immediate aftermath of these accidents and injuries can be chaotic times, and victims and their families are often left with little idea of what they can do. While seeking legal representation as soon as possible after your injury can be one of the best decisions you can make, there are also a few essential steps you can take to protect your rights and opportunities for filing a successful personal injury claim.

Immediately After You Injury
The period of time immediately following an accident or injury can be the most difficult. First and most importantly, seek medical attention for any injuries that may require emergency aid. Contacting emergency services is also a wise decision, as medical technicians and law enforcement officers can record the events surrounding your injury as impartial third parties. If your injury involves any witnesses or if it involves the negligent party who you feel is responsible, collecting personal details and contact information can also be a benefit to your case at a later time.

After the Dust Has Settled
After you and your loved ones have had time to address injuries and attend to more immediate concerns, you can begin to consider exploring and preparing for your legal options. It is widely recommended that you write down, in detail, all of the events surrounding your injury while it is still fresh in your memory. Compiling any relevant information, such as contact information, medical records, bills, etc. can also allow you to more easily access this information should the time arise.

Speak with a Lexington Personal Injury Attorney

Speaking with an experienced and qualified personal injury attorney can ensure that you have the information you need to pursue any legal actions against the party responsible for your injuries. Attorney James Vaught offers all injured victims free case evaluations to provide you with the opportunity to learn more about your unique situation and to voice your questions and concerns. He can also inform you of your legal options and how he can guide you through the difficult process of recovering your damages. Protect your rights and your well-being by asking a caring and knowledgeable lawyer for help as soon as possible. Contact James Vaught Law Office, PLLC today.