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Illegal left turn, intersection crash and injuries

Scott County, Kentucky: Attorney James Vaught obtained a significant out-of-court settlement for a woman who was severely injured in a car wreck caused by a construction worker who made an illegal left turn in a busy intersection and drove his truck into the path of an oncoming car. A terrible crash in the intersection occurred, and the woman in the oncoming car, James Vaught's client, sustained severe, permanent injuries. The settlement will allow the woman to continue receiving the medical care that she requires.

Garbage truck vs. pick-up truck, crash and injuries

Central Tennessee: Attorney James Vaught obtained a significant out-of-court settlement for a Kentucky man who was severely injured by a garbage truck that was illegally operated on a public highway. A garbage truck, fully loaded, was being driven to the dump when the truck's brakes failed. The truck driver drove the garbage truck into the oncoming lane and caused the crash. Attorney James Vaught argued that the garbage truck driver did not check the adjustment of the brakes or perform a proper pre-trip inspection, as required by law, before driving the truck on the day of the crash. If the driver had checked the truck as required by law, then he would have found the brake problems and other out-of-service conditions. Attorney Vaught argued that the truck should not have been driven until it was repaired and all out of service conditions were corrected.

Ambulance driver ignores safety rules, causes intersection crash

While transporting a patient to a Lexington, KY hospital, an ambulance driver ignores safety rules and a very specific Kentucky law, which requires an ambulance driver to use emergency lights and siren before running a red light. The ambulance driver did not use the emergency lights or siren on the ambulance, as required by Kentucky law, and did not keep a proper lookout for other vehicles on the roadway, when she chose to run a red light. She crashed the ambulance into a car that was making a left turn in the intersection with a green light. Attorney James Vaught's client was a passenger in the car that was hit by the ambulance, and she was severely injured by the crash. Attorney James Vaught represented the injured woman and helped her obtain a significant out-of-court settlement for her injuries caused by the crash.

Tractor-trailer changes lanes, knocks car into concrete pillar on Interstate 64

Fayette County, Kentucky: A tractor trailer driver failed to keep a proper lookout for other cars on I-64 and changed lanes into a small car. The tractor trailer and the car were traveling at interstate speeds. The car was knocked out of control, spun around and slammed, backwards, into a concrete pillar on the side of the interstate. A family of four (4) people was riding in the car. All four (4) family members were injured. Attorney James Vaught obtained an out-of-court settlement for each of the (4) four family members for their injuries.

Low speed crash, serious, permanent spine injury

Grayson County, KY: Attorney James Vaught obtained a significant out-of-court settlement for a Kentucky man who was injured while stopped in traffic. An SUV backed out of a nearby parking space and into the passenger side of the man's compact car. This was a low-speed crash. However, low speed crashes can be very dangerous and cause serious injuries due to the weight of the vehicles involved. At the time the SUV backed into the compact car's passenger side, the man in the compact car had his head and neck turned toward traffic and did not see the crash that was about to occur. The heavy SUV hit his car, and the crash resulted in a serious, permanent spine injury to the man's neck, which made him unable to ever return to the type of work that he had done for many years. Mr. Vaught also obtained an outof-court settlement for the passenger of the compact car, a woman, whose right arm was injured by the crash.

Police officer ignores safety rules, drives into intersection, causes crash

A Kentucky police officer fails to follow procedure and look for oncoming traffic before running a red light at a busy intersection. By failing to follow safety rules, the police officer drives thru a red light and into the side of an oncoming car, causing a crash, which injures two people from Jefferson County, Kentucky and totals their car. Mr. Vaught represented the two people injured in the crash and obtained an out-of-court settlement for each of them due to their injuries.

Intersection crash

A Scott County man is injured in an intersection crash when an oncoming driver runs a red light and crashes into his car. This was a tremendously powerful crash, which totaled both cars and injured multiple people. Attorney James Vaught's client was a Scott County man who sustained multiple injuries, including permanent injuries, in the crash. An out-of-court settlement was obtained by Mr. Vaught for his client.

Rear-end crash, spine injury

A Scott County woman was injured when her car is rear-ended by an SUV while she is stopped in traffic. The force of the crash was so great that the radio was knocked out of the dash and the woman's seat back broke, causing her to fall backwards in her seat. She was wearing her seatbelt. The crash caused a serious, lumbar spine injury that required surgery. A significant settlement was reached with the Defendant at the jury trial of this case, while the jury was out, and the settlement was paid in full shortly after trial.

Car hits pedestrian, broken neck

A man stops on the Mountain Parkway to help a family whose car had hit a deer. After hitting the deer, the family lost control of their car and skidded into the grass median. While the man is on foot and helping the family near their damaged car, another driver on the Mountain Parkway is driving too fast for the road conditions and ignores the cars stopped on the side of the road with their emergency flashers illuminated. When the driver finally sees the dead deer lying in the roadway, he swerves too fast and loses control, causing his car to slide into the median and crash into the disabled vehicle. The crash injures the man, who was a Good Samaritan and trying to help the family. The Good Samaritan sustained a broken neck (vertebrae in the cervical spine). Attorney James Vaught obtained an out-of-court settlement for the Good Samaritan, who was not at fault and only stopped to help.

City bus crash, injured bus passenger

A Lexington City Bus driver fails to yield the right of way when he makes a U-turn into the path of an oncoming car. The driver of the oncoming car has no time to stop and crashes into the side of the bus. Attorney Vaught's client is a passenger on the city bus and is seated near the location where the car crashes into the bus. The crash injures the passenger. Attorney Vaught is able to obtain surveillance video that was recorded onboard the bus, which shows the bus driver making an improper U-turn and the resulting crash. The injured bus passenger received an out-of-court settlement for his injuries with the help of attorney James Vaught.

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