Attorney James Vaught's Fees

Attorney James Vaught understands that when an injury occurs, it can leave a person in physical pain and emotional distress, while also struggling with severe financial problems caused by the time away from work, loss of income and medical bills.

Attorney James Vaught handles most injury cases on a contingent fee basis, which means you pay nothing unless you win or settle your case. In other words, attorney fees and case expenses that are not attorney fees are the client's responsibility only if you win or settle your case.

No up-front retainer is required to be paid and no monthly bills will be received by you when you hire attorney James Vaught to represent you on a contingent fee basis for your injury case. Instead, you sign a contingent fee agreement to hire Mr. Vaught for your injury case. While the injury case is pending, attorney James Vaught pays the necessary case expenses, such as deposition fees, postage, copy costs, court costs and various other costs.

If the case is successful, then attorney James Vaught is paid a percentage of the total recovery of money as his contingent fee, and the case expenses that attorney Vaught paid while the case was pending are reimbursed from the total recovery of money in the injury case. Mr. Vaught's attorney fee and reimbursement of case expenses are contingent upon you having a successful outcome of your case.

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