Single Vehicle / One-Car Crashes

Car Accident Attorney in Lexington, KY

In certain circumstances, a person who is injured in single vehicle (one-car) crash or a one-car accident can have an injury case.

Types of single vehicle crashes, which may lead to an injury case for a passenger of the single vehicle / one-car that crashed:

  • The driver of the vehicle mistakenly drives out of the road and injuries one or more passengers in the car, and a passenger is injured;
  • A deer or other animal runs into the road, the driver loses control while attempting to avoid hitting the deer or animal, and a passenger is injured;
  • The driver of the vehicle loses control of the vehicle because the vehicle's brakes fail or there is a loss of steering, and a passenger is injured;
  • The driver of the vehicle "takes the ditch" in order to avoid a crash with another car, such as a car stopped in the road ahead, and a passenger is injured;

The driver of a car involved in a one-car / single-vehicle crash could have an injury case in certain circumstances.

  • A defect in the car causes the driver to lose control and become injured. Some defects, such as the General Motors ignition defect, in certain GM vehicles is known to cause a driver to lose steering and control of the vehicle.
  • A single vehicle crash occurs and the driver is injured because safety devices do not function as designed, such as airbag failure, seat belt failure, seat back failure or seat track failure, which causes the driver to be more seriously injured than if the safety devices had functioned properly, as designed, and prevented injury.
  • A single vehicle crash occurs and the driver is injured because available safety devices were not installed on the vehicle, such as an SUV rollover due to lack of electronic stability control or a side impact and lack of side airbags on the vehicle, which causes the driver to be more severely injured than if the vehicle had the safety devices available at the time of the crash.
  • After-market parts, such as oversized "rims" or oversized "custom wheels" were installed on the driver's car affect the stability and handling of the vehicle. Oversized rims along with certain tires, such as certain "off-road" tires and lift or lowering kits can make a vehicle less stable and more prone to single vehicle crashes such as roll-overs. For example, pick up trucks and SUV's are often "customized" by installing a combination of lift kits, custom wheels/rims and custom tires, and the driver is not warned about the dangerous effects on the performance and handling of the vehicle after the custom parts are installed, which can lead to a one-vehicle crash with serious injuries.

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