Gasoline Can Fires & Explosions

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Gasoline is often stored in homes and businesses in plastic gasoline "cans." Often these plastic containers are red in color and are inexpensive to purchase. Gasoline container explosions and burns sometimes easily could have been prevented by an inexpensive flame arrester in the spout of the gas can. Unfortunately, the manufacturers of many of the most common plastic gas containers that are sold in stores today often do not install a flame arrester in the container's spout.

Consumers who buy plastic gasoline containers often are unaware that an inexpensive flame arrester could make the gasoline container much safer for use.

If you or a loved one has been injured or burned by a gas can / gasoline container-related explosion, fire or other incident, Attorney James Vaught is willing to speak with you. Contact Attorney James Vaught for information and a no-obligation consultation.

Note: Preserve your evidence. Keep the gas can / gasoline container that was involved in the incident that caused injury along with all parts of the gas can, purchase receipt and all other information that is related to the gas. These items could be crucial evidence in your injury case.