Swimming Pool Accidents in Lexington

Lexington Personal Injury Lawyer

Swimming is a popular activity for all ages. Unfortunately, severe injuries and drownings can occur due to unsafe conditions or due to inadequate safety precautions. Injuries that can result from unsafe conditions can include various injuries due to falls on slippery surfaces, brain injury due to lack of air / oxygen while submerged underwater, injuries sustained while diving, and even death by drowning due to unsafe conditions due to the lack of appropriate safety precautions or ineffective of inadequately trained safety personnel, such as lifeguards.

Do not make the mistake of assuming a serious injury or drowning was unavoidable. Some accidents can be directly traced to a negligent action or a breach of duty, for example, failure to put up proper fencing and gates around the pool to keep out unattended children or failure to have safety personnel on duty. Such actions, and lack of action, can be deemed negligent.

Some common causes of swimming accidents include the following:

  • Murky & Unclean Water
  • Improper Maintenance of a Swimming Pool
  • Missing Gates & Fences
  • Distracted / Improperly Trained Lifeguards
  • Inadequately Marked Shallow & Deep Ends

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