What Attorney James Vaught Can Do for You

Attorney James Vaught is happy to meet with you to discuss your injury case. Once hired, Mr. Vaught will discuss your injury case with you in detail, including your medical condition and medical history. Frequently, we order your medical records and medical bills, document your injuries, contact insurance companies as needed regarding your case and keep you informed about the status of your case. Mr. Vaught will explain your legal rights and answer your questions.

You will not be required to gather all of the information on your own about the case. Attorney James Vaught and his office will assist you in identifying and gathering the necessary information for your injury case. During the case, Mr. Vaught and his staff are available to answer questions about your case and to explain the process of litigating an injury case.

Sometimes injury cases settle out of court, sometimes a lawsuit is filed and litigation is required. Attorney James Vaught will speak with you and discuss your legal options for your injury case.

Contact attorney James Vaught for a no-obligation consultation today.